The Breathing Buddy – Letter Box Craft Box Review #AD

Two boys doing crafts

We were recently sent The Breathing Buddy – Letter Box Craft Box to review

As many of my readers are aware, I suffer from an anxiety and panic disorder. It started when I was around 7 years old and has been a big part of my life. As a child I felt different, I had no one to talk to and therefore this disorder got worse.

As an adult I looked for support but my plea for help resulted in medication being thrown my way. Not wanting to take medication I turned to meditation and mindfulness.

When I had my children I decided I never wanted them to feel like they couldn’t openly discuss any worries or anxiety. I didn’t want my children to go through what I did so when my eldest son started to show signs of anxiety, I got him support.

As part of his support we looked at mindfulness. Mindfulness has been a god send, we quickly got things under control but that’s not to say his anxiety has gone forever.

Covid 19 has not helped. Both adults and children have felt the stress of this situation and anxiety has risen in people over the past few months. Mental health charities and teams are under pressure, there is just not enough support to go round.

With this in mind, I have been talking to my children about worry. When I was offered to review The Breathing Buddy I couldn’t say no.

The Breathing Buddy offers creative mindfulness packages for children aged 4-8 years. The packs promote positive mental health and encourage families to talk about their feelings more openly.

The Welsh Mummy Blogs family received The Breathing Buddy – Letter box craft box.

The pack includes:
6 mindfulness craft lessons
All the craft supplies you will need for each activities
6 easy to follow instructional cards

Craft supplies craft suuppliescraft supplies

The Breathing Buddy – Letter Box Craft Box is £20 with FREE Postage to anywhere in the UK.


We have had so much fun completing the craft lessons. It’s been really nice to spend some quality time with my boys. We have all shared with each other our worries and concerns. We have identified things that make us feel upset and we have talked about acceptance and how everyone is different.

I am not going to share with you every craft lesson as that would be spoiling the fun. Instead, below you will find three of the activities.

Activity one – The Mind Jar
Using an empty jar we filled it with water and then selected some coloured glitter to put in to it. The colours represented our feelings. Once the glitter is inside the jar we closed the lid and gave it a shake.

Glitter jarBoy putting glitter into water

Anytime the boys feel overwhelmed, stressed or upset, they can shake the jar and watch the glitter spin around. No matter how worried or stressed you feel, the glitter will soon sink to the bottom and you will feel calm again.

Activity two – All flowers are unique
Using a paper plate we wrote our names in the middle of the flower. We then added petals. In each petal we wrote something that makes us happy. We then decorated the flower in our own unique way.

Paper plate painted by childTwo boys doing craftsPaper plate painted by child

This activity helped us to think about our good qualities. It also made us think about gratitude and the things we are grateful for.

Activity three – The talking stick
This was a fun activity, we found some sticks in the garden and then decorated them. After this we discussed what the stick is for. Sometimes we all want to talk at the same time, its only natural to want to discuss things with our family, however, there are times when its just too loud with everyone trying to talk at the same time. Whomever is holding the stick gets to talk first. This is a useful tool when everyone is not listening.

Stick made into a personTwo little boys with decorated sticksDecorated stick

The Breathing Buddy has the Welsh Mummy Blogs seal of approval. I highly recommend The Breathing Buddy to parents.

To order or for more information, please visit – The Breathing Buddy

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