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Autumn is here, my favourite time of the year. The nights are getting colder, Halloween and Christmas are fast approaching and coffee shops are promoting Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla spiced lattes.

At this time of year there is nothing better than getting home to a warm house after being out and about in the cold and wet. I love to relax in the evening and light my candles.

Scented candles are my favourite. Anything spiced is a winner with me however, I find some scented candles can leave me with a headache. This leaves me to wonder what sort of chemicals are in these candles.

I wanted to find a natural homemade candle that I could use without the worry of my family breathing in chemicals. I found The Hippy & Goth Candle Company whilst browsing Facebook.


What stood out for me was not only the name but the fact that the candles are handmade with soy wax and essential oils…perfect!

I tried all three candles that The Hippy & Goth Candle Company make.

Lift – Before burning smelt like the sherbet in lemon sherbet sweets. When burning gave off a lovely clean citrus scent that lasted all day.

Relax – Before burning smelt like a lavender field. When burning was mild and made me feel relaxed.

Warming – Before burning was spicy, you could smell the cinnamon. When burning made my home smell beautiful and warm. The smell reminded me of visiting a manor house a few years back. Spicy with orange scent, this candle was my favourite. I wish it would have lasted longer.


Candles are priced at £3.00 for a small and £4.50 for large.

You can find out more here – The Hippy & Goth Candle Company

If you would like a review of your homemade goodies please get in touch.

I received complimentary candles for an honest review.

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