Vamousse Head Lice protection shampoo – Review #Gifted

We were sent Vamousse head lice treatment and head lice protection shampoo to review #Gifted

School is back and with that comes head lice. With this in mind, I have been taking precautionary measures at home by using Vamousse head lice protection shampoo.

Firstly, this product defiantly works at repelling head lice. Shortly after the schools reopened my sons class had an outbreak and he didn’t pick them up.

The shampoo is fantastic, it can be used when there is an outbreak at school, to stop an infestation after treating head lice and during play dates and outings.

How to use
Apply a generous amount to wet hair
Lather up and massage into the scalp
Leave for at least 3 minutes
Rinse hair

It is really that simple!

The shampoo smells pleasant, it lathers well and leaves the hair clean and soft. It is the perfect defence to head lice out breaks at school

I have not had a chance to review the Vamousse Head Lice Treatment, however, it is proven to kill 100% of Lice and Eggs within 15 minutes in scientific tests.

I highly recommend the Vamousse protection shampoo.

For more information please visit – And They’re Gone | Head Lice Treatment | Vamousse

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