Willy Wonka’s Tea Party at The Celtic Manor Resort – Review

We were kindly invited to review Willy Wonka’s Tea Party.

Apologies for being quiet lately, my laptop decided to stop working right before Christmas!! I have had reviews due to go out, so again apologies if you are reading this and waiting on a review. I am currently borrowing my Sister in laws laptop.

I really don’t know where to begin with this review.

If like me you have tired of visiting Santa or if your children have outgrown elves then this experience is definitely for you!

I absolutely love Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory, you would have to be bonkers not too! He is the quirky king of chocolate making!

When I read the email that we had been invited to a tea party with Willy Wonka I nearly fell off my seat!

I was excited and intrigued to find out what was in store for us. A tea party with Willy Wonka was bound to be out of the ordinary.

As we arrived at The Celtic Manor Resort we informed the boys that we were to have a tea party with someone very special. Someone who was friends with Santa Claus.

The boys looked surprised and excited. Who could they possibly be having tea with?

We walked through a festively decorated foyer and asked where Willy Wonka was? The boy’s jumped for joy as they realised they were to meet one of their favorite storybook character’s.

festive decorations
Festive decorations

The friendly staff directed us to a lift. We went down in the lift and then looked for an escalator which would take us to one of the smaller restaurants The Celtic Manor Resort has to offer.

We got a little lost so asked for directions. A staff member informed us that he was heading our way so would take us to the restaurant.

On our way the staff member started talking to the boys. He said he had already seen Willy Wonka and he said there was lots of sweet treats waiting for us. This got the boys really excited!

The staff member told us about his naughty elf on the shelf. The elf had turned his milk red! He said red milk on cornflakes was not as bad as it sounds.

My boys, on our way to visit Wily Wonka
My boys, on our way to visit Wily Wonka

I was really impressed with the friendliness of the staff.

Suddenly, we noticed some giant lollipops. We heard children’s voices and knew we were nearly at the tea party.

The friendly staff member said “wait here, I will go get Mr Willy Wonka for you”

The boys started to smile from ear to ear and I was getting a little flustered, I just love Willy Wonka!!

“Hello, hello, your here!” We heard him say and then all of a sudden, Wonka was stood in front of us!

I was immediately impressed with Willy Wonka’s costume, hat, wig, walking stick and his mannerisms.

It was like I was looking at the REAL Willy Wonka.

Mr Wonka ushered us to our seats. He called over his oompa loompa who was to be our server for the day and then asked us if we would like a hot chocolate. The boys eyes lit up at the thought of a hot chocolate.

My husband and I opted for a coffee.

Willy Wonka sat and chatted with the boys for a bit while we waited for our drinks. I was amazed by the man who portrayed Willy Wonka. What an actor! He was fantastic!! He was talking and walking like the Willy Wonka Gene Wilder played, in the 1971 movie ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’

Our drinks arrived!! Wow, how amazing did the boys hot chocolates look!

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate and a letter addressed to Santa for the boys to fill out.

Whilst we were drinking our drinks the oompa loompa brought over a 3 tiered cake stand filled with savory and sweet afternoon delights.

cake stand
Our cake stand

On our savory plate we had oompa loompas miniature sandwiches which included:

  • Whangdoodles turkey stuffing and cranberry sauce bridge roll
  • Hornwogglers pulled pork with crackling and apple sauce
  • Snozzwangers egg mayonnaise and brioche soldiers
  • Cucumber, mint and cream cheese quesadilla
  • Smoked salmon pinwheel lollipop
  • Leek and potato croquette, Old Slugworth sauce
Savory plate

On our sweet treats plate we had:

  • Charlie & Grandpa Joe’s – Milk choclate Wonka Bars and white chocolate canes
  • Mike Teaves’s – Shrunken raspberry cappuccino
  • Augustus Gloop’s – Banoffee fudge tart
  • Veruka Salt’s – Salted caramel truffle with honeycomb
  • Violet Beauregarde’s – Parma violet sherbet macaroon
  • Willy Wonkas – Blueberry pie and bubblegum scones
  • Storeroom 54 – Clotted cream, hair cream and strawberry jam
sweet treats
Sweet treats

My favorite treats were the blueberry pie and bubblegum scones and the salted caramel truffle with honeycomb.

Blueberry Pie and Bubblegum Scone
Blueberry Pie and Bubblegum Scone

Harrison loved the Parma violet sherbet macaroons.

After our afternoon tea the oompa loompas cleared the table and we wrote our Christmas list for Santa. We had some funny photos with Willy Wonka too!

After some fun, we all made our way into Willy Wonka’s chocolate room. Once inside the room, the children sat down and in turn Willy Wonka called each child up.

Inside the Willy Wonka's Chocolate room
Inside the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate room

Willy Wonka then read out each child’s Christmas list and said he was going to give the list directly to Santa. Next, Wily Wonka surprised us all by handing out a gift bag which contained a giant Candy Cane and Elf soft toy.

Willy Wonka reading out Harry's list
Willy Wonka reading out Harry’s list

I thought this was a superb way to end the afternoon. I truly believe Willy Wonka was magical to the adults and children as I watched parents and child smiling happily as they waved goodbye to Mr Wonka.

I really hope they run this event next year. For more information on events at The Celtic Manor Resort please visit: https://www.celtic-manor.com/

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