YOUR KIDS’ PARTY ALL WRAPPED UP! – Hollywood Bowl, Cardiff, Party #Review

Hollywood Bowl

The Welsh Mummy Blogs family were invited to Hollywood Bowl, Cardiff, in exchange for an honest #review.

My youngest son Harrison will be celebrating his 5th birthday this week, when asked what he would like to do, he said bowling! Funnily enough, I had just been invited by Hollywood Bowl, Cardiff, to review one of their ultimate kids’ birthday parties.

As we entered the Hollywood Bowl, we were greeted by Hannah, our party host. Hannah ushered our party to one of the VIP booths. The booth was decorated with balloons. On a table, stickers and glow in the dark bracelets were placed out for the kids. A section of the booth offered us unlimited squash.

Hannah was amazing! She asked the kids to take a seat whilst she went through a checklist of health and safety guidelines.

Hannah showed the kids how to use a bowling ball correctly, and informed them of the dangers of stepping over the lines on the bowling lane. Hannah also pointed out the danger of the machine used to return the bowling balls. Hannah made the checks fun and entertaining.

Hollywood Bowl

After the checks, it was time to enter our names into the computer. Hannah did this for us to make things easier on the parents. I poured the unlimited squash and another parent got the glow bracelets ready.

The kids were beyond excited. Once the bowling game began there was no stopping them.

Whilst the children were playing, Hannah asked the parents which meal each child would like. When asked what Harry would like I immediately asked about a gluten free option. Hannah quickly got a very friendly member of staff to come over and talk to me. Wow!! The options were amazing! I was really impressed when shown a booklet with an ingredient list, I was also glad to hear that the chef knew about gluten free cross-contamination.

Hollywood Bowl

Our party consisted of children aged between 4 and 7 years old. I was a little worried that the younger children may become bothered about waiting for their bowling turn, but this was not the case. Each child had a blast and worked up quite the appetite.

Even the adults had a go!!!

Our game of bowling had come to an end, to avoid any upset children, all kids received a champion sticker. Hannah then informed the children that the party table was ready. It was time to do a little dance and hop to the party table.

The party table was decorated lovely, each seat had a colouring place-mat and the table had pots of crayons. There was around a 5 minute wait for food, so the kids had a bit of time to do some colouring.

Harrison’s gluten free meal was brought out first to avoid any cross-contamination, this was followed by the other meals.

The meals went down a treat! Our meals were followed by a nice bowl of ice-cream.

Our party was over, the kids were all bowled out and ready to go home. What a fantastic experience, I could not thank the staff at Hollywood Bowl enough for how friendly and welcoming they had all been.

Upon leaving we were each given a voucher which entitles each child/adult to a free game of bowling. So look out Hollywood Bowl, we will be back soon!!!


All the bowling; all the fun.

  • One hour of bowling
  • Scrummy kids meal meal served after the game
  • A jug of squash on the lanes
  • Party invites: collect for free or they can be posted for only £3.99



Our most popular kids’ birthday party typically lasts up to 2 hours, and always guarantee’s a smile.

  • One hour of unlimited bowling
  • Scrummy kids meal served after the game
  • Unlimited squash for you and your guests
  • A host to help take care of your party
  • Balloons waiting for you at the lanes
  • A free game voucher for every child
  • Party invites: collect for free or they can be posted for only £3.99




Roll into your teenage birthday party with a game of bowling – and show your friends who the real Number 1 is.


It’s thirsty work being the best bowlers in town, so toast to the birthday champion, and celebrate with a Mocktail or a Slush Puppie.


Nothing builds up an appetite like a bowling battle with your friends, so hit the diner for some tasty food, before you head back out for round 2 in the arcades.


As Christmas is fast approaching, why not pre-book an adult Christmas party!!



The best bowling Christmas party around includes:

  • Two games of brilliant bowling
  • Nachos on the lane and a festive buffet after the game
  • Your choice of refreshing drink
  • Our lane hosts will look after your party

Already booked a meal? Ask us about our drinks only package!


  • VIP lane upgrades^
  • Extra drinks
  • Champagne or Prosecco
  • Your own celebration pin and more!


For more information on all the parties, please visit – Hollywood Bowl. To book, please call: 0844 826 4282


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