Channel 4 – Casting Now!

Do you need help to make a decision ? Are you fed up with your current employment and in need of a career change? Are you worried about talking to family members about your sexuality or do you simply need help to make mends with someone?

Channel 4 are calling for families to take part in a new show.

In the programme a unique social robot will meet people, families and couples in order to give them a unique insight into a situation they are currently going through. It might be a big moment, a decision, a revelation, a dilemma, an argument, a secret or an issue that they are finding challenging.

Social robot Jess will interact and have conversations with people, getting to grips with their situation and offer help and assistance in her unique and creative way.

She will be there to help and assist with lives interesting moments and challenges. Jess isn’t available to the public yet and Channel 4 are looking for some amazing people to help test her for the TV show.

Channel 4 are looking for outgoing people with great personalities who TV audiences will care about an identify with.

Filming will be taking place in London later this month – all expenses will be covered and a fee will also be paid. It will be a great few hours of filming and a chance to part of a really exciting TV series.

For more information please contact Paul- [email protected]

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