Iverson Tyres – How to look after your car with servicing & more

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It is very important to know that even if we are not regularly driving our cars due to the pandemic and lock down, we still need to have a check on it’s maintenance. Soon the busy roads of London will be crowded once the lockdown is removed. You need to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy for such situations. An idle car can depreciate sooner and also not be fit to drive. You can still opt for professional services like car servicing from a garage but before you do that, you can pamper your vehicle at home too.

Even if you are at home you need to keep an eye on your vehicle’s health. Few strategies mentioned below will help you achieve a healthy vehicle, even with the lockdown in action:

Check your Engine Oil
This is no mystery that an engine is the main source of power for a vehicle. You need to have a proper check on the engine oil that is used to make it function. It is used to lubricate it and protect it from getting corrosive. During lockdown a safe approach is to change the engine oil otherwise used engine oil would disturb car components.

Check if Car needs Servicing
Car servicing is extremely important because it will troubleshoot any potential issues. As a matter of fact stationary cars need extra attention and you should still get car servicing done from a reliable garage. Otherwise your car will have bigger issues later. There are many companies adhering to safety measures – one such place where you can also book an appointment now for car servicing is Iverson Tyres  Professional servicing will reverse any issues and keep your car up to date.

Importance of tyre care
You can examine and inspect your tyres visually to find out if a new replacement is needed. Lets say if you have mismatched tyres – this is a good time to correct that and get the right match for your vehicle. Other signs include cuts on surface, bulges or exposed wires. Try to keep your tyres tidy so you can keep them intact.


Try these tips and these will help you have a smooth drive and make your vehicle roadworthy even after lock down.

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