Rhiwbina Amateur Theatrical Society: Auditions for 84 Charing Cross Road this Sunday!!

Auditions for 84 Charing Cross Road will take place this Sunday, 4th February at 7:30pm at Rhiwbina Memorial Hall, in the VERYARD ROOM.
Please use the side entrance and come in through the WILLIAMS ROOM.

Please find below a line breakdown of the Characters and their speaking roles :

• Lead – Helene Hanff – Female – Large Speaking Role
• Lead – Frank Doel – Male – Large Speaking Role
• Supporting – Cecily Farr – Female – Middle Speaking Role
• Megan Wells – Female – Small Speaking role – 4 lines
a. Maxine Stuart – Small Speaking Role – 1 Large Speech
• Joan Todd – Female – Small Speaking Role – 1 Paragraph
• Mr Martin – Male – Small Speaking Role – 2 lines
• William (Bill) Humphries – Male – Small Speaking Role – 3 lines
a. Alvin (Delivery Boy) – Small Speaking (off Stage) role – 2 lines
• Pilot – Male – Pre Recorded – 1 Paragraph
• Thomas – Male – Non Speaking
a. Alvin (Delivery Boy) – Small Speaking (off Stage) role – 2 lines

Please note that two/Three of the above roles can be played by the same person, and that the Pilots announcement can be pre-recorded.

Totalling a cast of – 4/5 Females and 3/4/5 Males (as roles can be doubled or split accordingly)

Although some of the parts may seem small, there is a lot of movement needed on set to ensure the “shop” looks busy.

Please come along and audition for this beautiful play.


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