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Yesterday afternoon the Welsh Mummy Blogs family took a trip to one of our favourite places in Cardiff – The Sherman Theatre.

This afternoon we have been invited to the press performance of the Emperors New Clothes.

Ethan was excited, we have been talking about this performance for sometime. Ethan attends a Welsh-speaking school and the Sherman is showing the Emperors New Clothes in Welsh and English.

So what can audiences expect…

Have you ever lost something? A toy? A tooth? A memory? What if, one day, you lost all of your ‘silly’?

The Emperor’s New Clothes / Dillad Newydd Yr Ymerawdwr,  is a re-telling of the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale. Aimed at children under 7.

Featuring a talented cast of Welsh-speaking actors, hailing from South and West Wales, this classic fairy tale is given a fun new twist by Writer Alun Saunders and Director Kevin Lewis.

Performing the story through the eyes of its young audiences in order to create the engaging and magical experience that the Sherman and Theatr Iolo’s co-productions have become known for.

Saunders’ production tells the story of an Emperor who has lost his ‘silly’, and instead cares only about image and clothes. A pair of wily Weavers concoct a cunning plan, to land the Emperor and his subjects in an embarrassing situation. But in doing so they rekindle the Emperor’s lost childhood joy and reunite him with his all-important silliness.


Director Kevin Lewis said, “This production wants to invite our young audiences into the world of the Emperor, and inspire their imaginations. Our story provides moments of play, joy, tantrums, mischief, and embarrassment – all new and intriguing emotions that children can explore in a playful, warm, magical theatre environment.”

This preformance was fantastic, the studio had been set out to really involve all ages – mats were laid down for little ones to sit or crawl about, chairs were set in a circle so all could see and really feel part of the performance.




The Emperors New Clothes is a fast paced performance with high energy and musical splendor. The performance is engaging and enlightening – children and parents were caught up with the energy, fun and silliness of the performance.

I must admit the child in me found this performance very entertaining and I was not alone. Parents in the seats next to me were laughing and singing along with the performance too.

We all really enjoyed ourselves – Ethan said “That was COOL, can I get that on DVD!”

Lets meet the multi talented cast

Geriant Rhys Edwards (Kare / Emperor) 

Geraint is from Cardiff and began his acting career at Sherman Youth Theatre, before training at Rose Burford College of Theatre and Performance. He recently performed in Robin Hood at Theatre Royal Stratford East and toured the UK with English Theatre Frankfurt. He returns to Cardiff and the Sherman stage after performing at venues across the UK. Geraint received the Dorothy L Sayers Award for Best Newcomer in 2012. He plays the trumpet and guitar in the production.

Elin Phillips (Mor / Olga) 

Elin is from Bridgend and trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Elin is well known to Sherman audiences having performed in Sherman Theatre Christmas shows including; The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe; Arabian Nights and Snow Child / Plentyn Eira. Elin recently performed in the hit show Tom! By Theatr Na n’Og which toured the UK as well as production for Theatr Clwyd including All my Sons, The Herbal Bed and Rape of the Fair Country as well as for Theatr Genedlaethol in House of America. Returning once more to the Sherman Elin plays Saxophone and Clarinet in the production.

Tobias Weatherburn (Far / Luka)

Tobias began acting at Torch Theatre Youth Theatre before training at Manchester School of Theatre. Now often based in Cardiff he has performed in The Memo (Big Loop Theatre Company); Young Artists Festival (The Other Room Theatre); First Date (Clock Tower Theatre), and To Jinx Or Not To Jinx (Fluellen Theatre). He plays guitar and banjo in the production.

This new production also reunites the design (Charlotte Neville) and composer (Dan Lawrence) team behind their 2015 production of The Princess & The Pea / Y Dywysoges a’r Bysen Fechan Fach.

We caught up with the cast and director after the show, all signed Ethans programme – He is collecting autographs now!

I would have loved to capture Ethan’s face as he spoke to the cast but I didn’t have my camera and my phone had broken the day before…yes I felt like crying.

The production runs at Sherman Theatre from 5 – 31 December you can book tickets here

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